Tuesday, February 5, 2008

gangstalicious still swishes

the Boondocks gets mad love from tha hip-hop blogosphere, right? i'm no exception- the cartoon network's lone attempt at diversity keeps me amused. oddly, i know no one else that watches the show. I have lots of rap nerd friends, and lots of cartoon nerd friends (I run wit nerds! What?) and NONE of them care for it. is the netluv an internet phenomenon, like lolcats or Joe Budden? (i know, too easy.)

who knows. well, the ratings would be an indication, but i'm too lazy to look them up. in any event, the show tackles hip-hop subject matter way more than the comic strip ever did, with mixed results. the first gangstalicious episode was funny when it satirized frontin wannabe thug MCs, but the contrived plot bored me. thugnificent started out great and crested at a predictable rapper-fish-out-of-water plateau....ooh, grandpa resents the hood rich rappers moving in down the street. didn't p. diddy make a music video about that, like, eight years ago?
now there's the return of gangstalicious (watch it here), in which aaron mcgruder & company seek to satirize lil wayne's mankissing tendencies, cam'ron's flamboyant fashion sense, and fifty's skintight clothing line. gangstalicious is all three, and apparently, he's the legendary Gay Rapper Wendy Williams talks about.

pretty funny episode, but it lacks focus. shots are fired in all directions - homophobes and tolerant liberals both take fire. what point is mcgruder trying to making here? yeah, some rappers act mad gay, but so do athletes (football locker rooms?) rock stars (see the movie Rock Star sometime) and other entertainers. andre 3000 and LL have established that metrosexual/gay-seeming style is popular with the ladies, and somehow they keep their credibility. why is it just the thug/dboy rappers who get called out for acting flaming?

finally, despite the disclaimer at the start of the episode, is there a chance the boondocks are tryin to expose someone specific? for what its worth, i'm convinced weezy is sugarfree, mankiss or no. no way you could string along lauren london for so long like he did without layin some pipe. likewise with 50 and vivica fox/ciara/etc. cam'ron, curiously, is never seen with hoes, hi-profile or otherwise. a little googling turns up an alleged girlfriend by the name of toy "queenta plum" dawkins. sounds like a tranny to me...anyone know more about this?

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