Monday, February 18, 2008

bishop lamont baffler

any of you hip-hop blog hounds remember the "no homo" crazy of 2006? followed by the "nullus" and "pause" followups?
i still see nullus on xxlag dot now & then, correct me if i'm wrong.
well, i was flippin through that caltroit mixtape last week and and this time i let "goatit" run all the way through. in the past, i think elzhi bored me into skipping the end early.

Bishop Lamont - Goatit Ft. Phat Kat & Elzhi/
bishop brings fire. dude spit one particular tongue twister so hard i had to google for some lyrical help...this inside rhymefest decodes to:

"ask how i flash, mash, smash, slash,
gas half-assed fags fast with the axe just like tonto!"

hmm. you "flash & mash," as well as "smash," people you call "half-assed fags"? in the words of cam'ron j. giles, can i get a no homo? (not that there's anything wrong with that) (c) Seinfeld

i know i know. money also said he would "slash" and "gas" em. "with the axe" no less. that could be some other slang but i'm not gonna. still, fags. unusual choice of words. reminds me of the marshall mathers lp.

in fact, remember back in 2000 when eminem lost his rhyme book and as far as we know, never recovered it? maybe it's been in the aftermath lost & found this whole time, and bishop came across it while dre was making him mop & vacuum one night.

hey, it does explain why caltroit's such a dope tape.

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