Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i am back. why the hiatus, you ask? simple. this is a hip hop oriented site, and hip hop has sucked in recent months. yeah there were decent fourth quarter drops from the Wu, Lupe, GFK, Styles P, and Scarface. but all those joints went wood. those performers all have their dedicated fan bases, but none seemed to draw new fans.
bored? i was. none of the Q4 drops beyond Big Doe Rehab really got me open. of course, not only the music has been weak sauce lately. writer's strike? is this the Soviet Union? television permanently on reruns. no new celebrity scandals, even, so far this winter. nothing out of the ordinary. britney epilepsy, overdosing caucasian hearththrobs, MTV fake lesbian shocker, yawn.
politics are the only entertainment left.
This Democratic nomination race is ten times better than some tired Raekwon vs. RZA beef. Obama's been holding it down for the chi on an unprecedented nationwide level, fighting the Clintons off against all odds.
Now of course Chi City produces its share of superstars - but historically, rappers n singers n such have to move to the coasts to get their big break. (oprah and jerry held it down but that's a different hustle.)
yet barry o went superstar as a purely regional act, in his successful 2004 run for the senate.
other than jordan, only kels did so well for himself based out of the go. and that business with young girls and water sports makes it hard to take pride in kels.
vote rhymefest/obama 08. (you didn't hear rhymefest is showing support? i'll touch on that tomorrow.)

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