Thursday, February 7, 2008


in the sky, etc.

it's way past time i dropped some new..the sign on the wall does say "leaks on tap."

Re-Up Gang "Show You How To Hustle"(CDQ/NODJ)
hot fire straight out the gate! #1 banger on got it 4 cheap vol. 3, in my opinion.

Re-Up Gang "Dey Know Yayo"(CDQ/NODJ)
this is a sleeper, grows on you...pusha t's nice with the crack rap glamorizations: "party on south beach, pregame at madonna's/we ain't worry bout nothing, hakuna matata/pay your lawyer well, reassure yourself!"

The Cool Kids "Action Figures"
finally a fresh drop from Chuck & Mikey - it's been four months since that Weezy collab.

Yea Big & Kid Static "The Life Here"
opened for rhymefest, rep chi town hard on the track. i'm feelin the second half of this one, the whole first verse loses me. still haven't made my mind up overall.

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