Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bored by elzhi? wtf, me several months ago?

hey kids. it's me, your blogfather! remember? i stepped out for a pack of smokes seven months ago, never to return?

i'm back son! (no nelson muntz)

i kept a political blog for a few months, and i won't post the link here as frankly i am ashamed of it. politics= music for folks who can't sing, theater for suits who can't act, standup comedy for humorless drones. vote your conscience. if you're voting for Crazy War McOld, i hope you're excited about gettin drafted and dying in one of those hot new wars dude's been planning.

on to the music. just noticed my last post here takes a side swipe at none other than Elzhi, third Slum Villager, dilla muse, and a damn good MC. i was almost more impressed by the original SV lineup, and i guess it wasn't nothin for me to clown his bars when the bishop killed that particular track so thoroughly.

pon de replay, L had some fire there. not to sell dude short, he had a handful dope 16s in 2007, but he's really stepped it up in the last 6 months while dropping both Europass and the Preface. Half a dozen bangers on each. for anyone who found el too abstracted in the past, he's more about painting pictures now, a la tony starks.
on this first track, literally, as his deft metaphors shine droppin colors all throughout some hood stories.
the second joint is a robbery gone wrong from the perspective of three different people involved. the imagery is ill. "smackin into the rack of Lifestyles..." et al. check it.
http://www.badongo.com/audio/11380910 Elzi - "Audio Cinematic"

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