Wednesday, October 15, 2008

guiltiest pleasure of the year: "Pop Champagne"

i hate autotune. as budden memorably named it, "that funny voice shit." let me qualify that; it was cool when Cher first showed us how robots rocked the mic. Since she's got a freaky synthetic face, the freaky synthetic voice made sense. After that, I remember 'N Sync rocked it a few times, and then they were gone forever, and I thought that the end of it.
Fast forward to T-Pain, rappa ternt sanga, etc etc. The slope was getting slippery, but failed rappers gotta pay the bills somehow, and there are worse humiliations...just ask X To Tha Z. Then Weezy, that dumbass Martian, had the terrible idea to start singing dumbed down raps with autotune keeping him tentatively on key.
And now we have the hideous spectre of every wack producer/uninspired rapper/low-selling R&B singer hittin the booth with those damn strings trailing out their mouths. And the music is 98% worse than Soulja Boy. But there's always one exception to the rule.
Ron Browz is best known for producing Ether, which was....decent? Solid B for the track? No one was paying attention to that beat, dude, sorry...Nas stole whatever shine you may have provided at the moment. So now he's back! And he's got funny voice shit going for him! And it's....INCREDIBLE!
This is the first remix with rhymes, featuring Jones+Santana, the crown princes of Dip Set. I know Browz got 8 more versions out there, but Swizz/Luda et al don't work wit the awesome stupidity of the subject matter. Juelz and Jim were BORN for this type of dumb club rap. "No sex in the champagne room/says who, baby I break all rules!" ahahahaha...and yet Browz rocks the vocoder well. "Tell 'em Ron Browz here, hottest in America..." Of course he is. Listen and see if you don't agree.

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