Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Joe Budden, please stop reading blogs!

Up-and-coming rappers have used diss tracks and instigated unnecessary beef ever since "The Bridge is Over" - it's fundamental to the game. Traditionally a lesser known cat takes on an MC with a higher profile, and the fame gets shared around as they air it out back n forth.

Ransom & Joe Budden? Meh. Budden had the dope debut, the drawn-out struggle with his label, the mixtapes. Ransom is best known to me as the co-writer of "Guns 4 Sale" which 50 may or may not have paid him to use. Ransom had been, at one time, Budden's protege/weed carrier, and I can see why that would be frustratin, since Budden ain't gone anywhere in four years his damn self.

So Joe Budden's new mixtape apparently features Ransom on a track with Hitchcock. Ransom & Hitchcock were partners in a group called the A-Team, but split up on bad terms, and I guess Budden thought it'd be fun to reunite them on wax, without bothering to tell Ransom first. So they traded some weak diss tracks back n forth in the past few weeks. So?

So listen to Budden's intro on his second joint. Yeah. So what if Budden can't move 10k worth of them tapes? He got the internet goin nuts! "I don't understand when n*ggaz say shit like 'you got mad fans on the internet'...them n*ggaz count!" No they don't, Joe. Internet stans don't come out the pocket. Are you really trying to claim more status than Ransom, based on pro-Budden comments on xxlmag.com? Budden ya better than this! Please stop beefin with these insignificant clowns. Shred the Big Homie like they all say you want to. Don't get caught up with this internet...
Wait, did i just hear "Google it n*gga"????
Rappers should not be allowed to nerd out on the blogs. Don't be the Dane Cook of hip-hop, Budden. I don't care how many friends you have on MySpace. And I'm not gon google it.
Get a deal with someone other than Koch. Then talk your shit.

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