Tuesday, March 31, 2009

But WHY did he pick the name "Jay Electronica"?

....I guess it's a conversation starter.

Every time the man leaks a hot track, or when he dropped that hot mixtape awhile back, I try to put some of my boys on to the lyrical mastery and quirky mystery that is Jay Electronica.

"Hey, check out this cat's new song, he's got some bars!" I will say, or tweet, or IM. (That jawn leaked yesterday, and it's sick for days. Song's called "Exhibit A: Transformations." WTF? I agree.)

"What's the dude's name?" they'll ask, and I mumble..."Jay Electronica." "Jay WHAAA?" is the inevitable response.

The name makes you think he's either a) a trance DJ, or b) one of those horrible jungle MCs you see at raves (no disrespect, J Magik). The only thing good about that name is it rhymes with gay electronica.


And that's only good if you were tryin to battle dude, in that it's funny.

Jay Electronica


Gay Electronica (lol I assume)

Those who know he's a rapper but ain't give him a listen probably assume his flow is some weak hipster jive, based again off the name. Jay's actually much more of a lyrically gifted, punchline inclined MC with some genuinely weird tendencies. Like 3 Stacks or Mr. West Mr. West. (Both of whom have indulged their weird tendencies way too much in recent memory.)

So I wish he'd change it up. I know Jay and Uncle Murda are both in the same boat here...your name is unmarketable, even as your career starts taking off.

Murda been trying "Uncle M" lately. How bout "Jay Electron?" See, it's still weird, without referencing an entirely different style of music just to confuse people. Better!

But seriously, give that song a listen and tell me he ain't have god MC potential.

And if you want to see just how weird dude can be, check out the strange, trippy video he made for his strange, trippy song "Dimethyltryptamine." Which is a psychedelic drug. I never messed with all that, but the video is what I imagine being on it is like.

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