Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Post-Inauguration Banger So Far!

"Chris, I owe it all to Head Of inspire me, son! (pause)....NAHHHHH. RIP Bernie tho."

so yeah, I have yet to post my worst/most ridic of 2008. I maybe probably never will get around to that. See previous rant about why lists suck.

but the list i've been making in my mind is hiLARIOUS, so i'm not ruling it out yet.

in the meantime, here's my nomination for best post-inaugural Obama jam to date.

Scram Jones ft. Rhymefest & Saigon - Yes We Can

Rhymefest totally steals it with the first 16, but I expect nothing less. Quotables: "So I flip the script/no more Yes We Can, it's Damn, We Did!" and "Everything higher, prices from Fila to Prada/a bag of weed's the only thing still cost ten dollars." (Sure, that downtown brown...)

Saigitty also gets some rewind action with "No, it ain't just cuz he black we put hope in 'em, Al and Jesse ran but we ain't vote for 'em!" Scram Jones is outshined, sorry dude... he mentions "Because of my convictions, I can't vote..." and the rest is a blur. But the song? Crazy banger. Beat is dope too. Fest, when you gonna bless us with El Che or whatever it's now called?

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